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Tips & Tricks

Basic Day Walk Ideas

Get ready for a day of adventures with this snazzy checklist (not exhaustive, just the essentials)!


Let's dive in:

  • Inform a friend about your whereabouts and return time.

  • Rock a backpack with comfy waist and shoulder straps.

  • Sport sturdy hiking boots or shoes with killer grip.

  • Hydrate with at least 2 liters of water (more for sunny days or longer strolls).

  • Don your stylish sunhat, sunglasses, sunscreen (or a cozy beanie in winter).

  • Layer up (no denim!) and pack a waterproof jacket with a hood.

  • Carry a personal First Aid Kit (perfect for tiny boo-boos, maybe even a snake bite kit).

  • Bring along a whistle (handy if you wander off from the gang).

  • Pack some munchies and a scrumptious lunch.

  • Don't forget toilet paper, a trowel, and hand sanitizer.

  • Keep a pocket knife, spare clothes, and shoes for post-walk comfort.

  • Bring your A-game and a buddy for a fun stroll.

  • And of course, a trusty compass and map for good measure.


Sphiker's Lunch Picks: Almond and Turmeric Patties paired with Tomato Soup. Ratatouille stuffed in Pita bread with cheese. Beetroot patties served with hummus and veggie sticks.

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