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Hiking in Forest

SPhiker in the Media

Discover what the world is saying about SPhiker! Explore our media page to read the latest reviews, articles, and features highlighting our delicious and convenient outdoor meals.


'Where do all those marked, undersized, scratched and cracked pieces of fruit and vegetables end up? Most shops and consumers won’t even look at them. But my guest today is turning second-grade produce into top-notch snacks, meals and garnishes' - Angie, Telling Our Story Podcast

Check out our feature on ABC Landline, where we discuss our journey of transforming farm waste into a sustainable food business. Learn how SPhiker is making strides in the realm of outdoor dining while prioritising environmental responsibility.


In our feature on Spark TV podcast, Kelly, founder of SPhiker, dives into the intricacies of business growth. From navigating obstacles through strategic pivots to embracing opportunities with a resounding "yes," Kelly shares insights on breaking through barriers to elevate her business to new heights.

On the "Food Waste Matters" podcast, we explore innovative solutions to food waste. We delve into topics such as sourcing "ugly" produce from local farmers, crafting lightweight meals tailored for hikers' needs, and discovering sustainable packaging options.

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