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Hiking Trail

About Us

At Sphiker, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience when it comes to exploring the great outdoors. Our vision is to be the go-to destination for outdoor enthusiasts, providing high-quality plant-based food made from surplus and 'seconds' produce.

Our Products

Our products are exceptionally lightweight, only requiring the addition of water and cooking to create delicious nutritious meals.


Unlike most hike food ours is not precooked, it requires some cooking time, but all meals are ready in just under 15 minutes and the result is well worth the effort.


After a big day in the outdoors there's nothing nicer than spending a few minutes creating a meal you will really enjoy.

Great Value

Our meals are priced to ensure you get great value for money.  


The price point allows for a layered meal - Why not start with a thick tasty soup, before moving on to a delicious main meal followed by dessert too. Imagine your foodie evening in the great outdoors.


Meet Kelly

 Owner, founder and outdoor enthusiast, Kelly Johnson, spent 15 years as a Scout Leader – and during this time, perfected the art of creating delicious, nutritious ready meals that could be prepared in a matter of minutes and stored without refrigeration.


In a factory at Monarto, east of Adelaide, South Australia, Kelly and her SPhiker team proudly utilise surplus goods and ‘seconds’ to create nutritious, plant-based dehydrated soups, meals, and snacks. 


Fuelled by her love of food and adventure, Kelly launched her first business, Woodlane Orchard in 2019. It's a business she almost fell into after leaving her job in Adelaide and returning to her hometown of Mypolonga. A friend was throwing away one tonne of dried peaches a year, so she suggested that she go to a couple of markets and sell the peaches for him. And just like that, Woodlane Orchard was born.


Initially stone fruit and citrus got the business going, but as winter approached and more veggies started rolling in, Kelly decided to mix things up and take the business in a new direction. Drawing on her experience with the Scouts and making lightweight meals for hiking, she adopted the same philosophy to create ready meals for all.


In 2023, (as if she wasn’t already busy enough), Kelly’s love for the great outdoors, inspired her to launch Sphiker, a range of smaller, single and double serve hiking meals, crafted for the extraordinary adventurer. Created with the environment and sustainability in mind, Sphiker is set to become a ‘must have’ item for all keen hikers. 


Kelly’s passion for agriculture, food, sustainability, and adventure is abundantly evident in everything she does, showcasing her commitment to creating wholesome, environmentally conscious products.

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