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Enviromental Impact

 At Sphiker, prioritising sustainability is at the core of our mission. We are committed to minimising our environmental impact through a range of practices.

  1. Utilising Surplus and Second-Grade Produce: We take pride in creating our food using as much surplus or second-grade produce as possible. This not only reduces food waste but also supports the responsible use of resources.

  2. Harnessing Solar Power: Our commitment to sustainability extends to our energy sources. Sphiker proudly utilises solar power, harnessing the abundant energy from the sun to power our operations. This eco-friendly approach helps reduce our carbon footprint.

  3. 100% Home Compostable Packaging: Recognising the importance of responsible packaging, we have adopted a 100% home compostable packaging solution. This means that our packaging materials break down naturally, leaving no lasting environmental impact. We prioritise the use of materials that contribute to a circular and sustainable system.

By implementing these practices, Sphiker aims to not only provide high-quality, nutritious meals but also contribute positively to the environment, aligning with our values of sustainability and responsibility.

Giving Back
Our Social Responsibility

At SPhiker, we recognise the importance of social responsibility and contributing to our community. This is demonstrated through our partnerships with local businesses and initiatives that promote sustainability and outdoor recreation.


Our belief is that everyone should have access to nature and the benefits that come with spending time outdoors. Join us in making a difference and supporting a cause you believe in.

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